How to Select Air/Oil Separators

The oil residue of compressor air from compressor relate to the design of initial separation in thank and the selection of the separators as well.

1 the design of initial separation
The air and oil mixtures are separated mecanically in tank and this separation efficiency decides the oil residue that will go inside of the air/oil separator. Most of the oil must be separated during this process.

Following factors relate to separation efficency.

1) The diameter of the rank.
2) The design of baffle structure.
3) The distant between separator s bottom and the oil surface.
4) The diameter and azimuth of the tank mouth.

2. The selection of air/ oil separtor
When we make selection, we nedd to think of the flow rate and the correspondent working pressure, keep enough margin pressure of 7 bar. if the working pressure is lower, we need to amend and calculate the actual handling capacity.