Air filters

Sanfam Air Filter

Compressor filtration system is comprised of 3 components: air filter, air oil separator and oil filter. Each component is equally important because the whole filtration system is only as strong as the weakest part. Sanfam Air Filter is the frontier of this defense system. Our high quality air filters protect lubricant, air oil separators, oil filters and the whole compressor from contaminating by dust and particles along with intake air.

Sanfam offers a comprehensive range of air filters for compressors and vacuum pumps as well as other off-road applications. Customized design for extreme working conditions or other special applications are also available upon request, please consult Sanfam sales rep for further assistance.

Air filters
Applications: Air compressors
Flow rate range: 0.15 to 45 CBM/min
Operating temperature: Up to 100°C
1. Long life span
2. High quality filtration media
3. Equal pleat space
4. Perfectly match sealing
5. Reliable and stable
6. Easy fitting and compact design

Sanfam Filter has made great effort on improving the performance of air filters. For those compressors used in air-polluted area, we will recommend Sanfam’s Nanofiber Air Filters.
Sanfam’s Nanofiber Air Filters use multi-layer filtration media, which provides high efficiency, low pressure drop, high dust loading capacity and long life span.

The multi-layer filtration media is a composite media with both cellulose fiber and nanofiber. The coarse cellulose provides a firm and strong substrate with low pressure drop; the fine nanofiber provides high efficient filtering of particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 or even less, therefore significantly increases the life span of oil separator, oil filter and lubricant, and keeps the whole compressor in good conditions.