Oil Filters

Compressor oil filter is designed to remove contaminants from lubricating oil, keep the oil clean and protect compressor air end from damage by dust and contaminants.

Sanfam has developed a wide range of oil filters, including oil filter elements and spin-on oil filters, for screw and vane compressor applications. According to the working condition and special demands of different compressors, Sanfam employs many and varied designs and filtration media for our oil filters.

Sanfam offers H type oil filters (working pressure 14 bar), HD type oil filters (working pressure 20-25 bar) and F type oil filters (service life 4000 hours). Sanfam oil filter can be equipped with by-pass valve or anti-drainback valve as needed.

Oil filters
Applications: Oil lubricated compressors
Operating temperature: Up to 120°C
Max. Operating pressure: 14 to 35 bar          
Nominal flow rates: 20 to 200 L/min

1. High quality filtration media
2. Reliable and stable
3. Easy fitting and compact design
4. Long life span

Thread rolling technology
Sanfam uses a non-cutting technology to roll the thread of oil filters, which creates a neat, smooth and high strength thread with no metal filings. It’s easy to install.

Advanced reinforcing technology
Our pleated filtration media will be reinforced in a special designed oven to ensure media will come out with high strength, good uniformity and no leakage. Without this process filtration media would easily break under oil level.

To prevent carbonization, 20% high temperature resistant synthetic fiber is comprised to our filtration media. Sanfam oil filters maintain high efficiency and low pressure drop during their service time.

Available with different filtration media
In order to meet different requirements, Sanfam offers varied designs with different combinations of filtration media. Sanfam offers wide range oil filters for low pressure or heavy duty working conditions as well as standard types.

Pressure resistant housing
Random sample tests are systematically carried out for pressure resistance limit of the housing of our spin-on air oil separator under extreme working conditions.

F type long lifetime oil filters
Sanfam employs composite fiberglass filter media for F type long lifetime oil filters. This type provide high filtering efficiency and longer service lifetime, reduces power consumption and air end abrasion, which significantly economize the running cost.