Air Oil Separator Elements

Sanfam Air Oil Separator Elements

Air oil separator is the most crucial part of compressor filtration system. High quality separators have long service life. Compressed air from compressor air end carries countless oil droplets. Big oil droplets are separated as soon as they enter the tank, whilst small ones with a diameter less than 1 micron will be sustained in the air. As small oil droplets along with air current pass through separators, they collide and coalesce to form larger droplets. When these oil droplets are too large to be sustained in air, they will fall down along filtration media fibers to the bottom of separator and be delivered back to compressor air end by a scavenge tube. This separation process minimizes oil consumption in compressors and oil content in compressed air network.

In order to ensure high separation efficiency, low pressure drop, reliability and long life span, Sanfam Filter has fully analyzed every factor that may influence the separation process while designing each model of our air oil separators.
These factors are:
1.Air flow rate and air current velocity.
2.Working pressure and working temperature.
3.Diameter of the pressure tank and the design of air guider inside pressure tank.
4.Distance between separator and oil level.
5.Diameter and angle of air intake of the pressure tank.
6.Oil viscosity.

Selection of air oil separator
Always choose Sanfam separators with corresponding air flow rate and working pressure. Please consult Sanfam sales rep for further assistance.

High separation efficiency
Sanfam use most advanced technology and highest quality filtration media to design our air oil separator elements. We make great effort on improving separation efficiency and keep the compressed air clean and free of oil.

Low pressure drop
Compressed air is more costly than other source of energies. The costs of compressed air are largely determined by the energy costs of the compressor. High pressure drop means high power consumption. Sanfam air oil separator elements maintain a low pressure drop during their service life.

Sanfam provides two flange seals for each air oil separator element. This enables reliable sealing between the cover, air oil separator and pressure tank.

All Sanfam air oil separator elements have gone through a test for electrical conductivity before delivered to customers. They can be connected to the grounding of compressors via flanges and seals to prevent electrostatic charges.

Air Oil Separator Elements
Applications: oil lubricated screw compressors and sliding-vane compressors
Installation: inside pressure reservoir
Residual oil content: less than 3 PPM
Operating temperature: up to 120°C
Initial pressure drop: less than 0.2 bar
1. Low pressure drop and energy saving
2. High quality filtration media
3. Low oil consumption
4. Reliable and stable
5. Compact design
6. Long life span